Collection: Ayurveda and Yoga Consultation

What is Ayurveda

Learn to align with Nature to heal and bring balance in life using the all natural and holistic healing science of Ayurveda integrated with Yoga.

In Sanskrit, "Ayuh" means longevity and "Veda" means science. Ayurveda means the science of longevity. Explore the ways taught by ancient Rishis of India on how to maintain the health of the healthy and heal the disease in a sick being using the all natural resources available in Nature (Prakriti). Learn more about Ayurveda in the blog post here.

Get to know your what your Ayurvedic Body Constitution is - Vata , Pitta , Kapha or a combination of the three Doshas. Learn the very thorough techniques of Ayurvedic Self Care to keep the body strong and healthy.  Remove the Dosha imbalances ( Vikriti ) in the body to align back to your Prakriti (nature) .

What is Yoga

Yoga is the union and harmony of the Body, Breath, Mind and Soul. The techniques of Yoga were also passed down through generations in Ancient India. It teaches us to come into alignment within ourselves, not just at the physical body level, but at the more subtler levels of breath, mind and soul. This helps achieve overall wellbeing, peace and harmony in life.

Adapting to an Ayurveda and Yoga Lifestyle

Ayurveda shows the way to lead a healthy life using the resources available in Nature (Prakriti) as well as understanding our own nature.

According to Ayurveda, each person's body is made up of a unique combination of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When any of the doshas are in imbalance, it can cause disease. Understanding our unique body constitution helps us to figure out the Ayurvedic way of keeping our body in balance and preventing disease.

Just as the body has a unique constitution, the mind can also be in one of the three states at any given time. The three states of the mind are called Trigunas - Ragas, Tamas and Sattva. Sattvic mind is a mind with clarity, peace, compassion and enthusiasm. Moving to a Sattvic state of mind is the goal in Ayurveda and Yoga. This can be achieved by balancing the body and mind with Ayurvedic methods and aligning the body, breath and mind through Yogic practices  to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Ayurveda & Yoga Consultation

Prakriti Sattva LLC's goal is to help you understand and adopt a natural and holistic life on the basis of the ancient Indian healing sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.  The Ayurvedic Practitioners of Prakriti Sattva LLC can educate and guide on the Ayurvedic lifestyle and Yoga practices.

What to expect from the First Ayurveda & Yoga Consultation:

  • Detailed intake and Ayurvedic Assessment of Body Constitution known as Prakriti and the Dosha imabalances / Vikriti .

  • Introduction to Ayurveda and your unique individual Prakriti .

  • Personalized Ayurvedic wellness plan, Diet and Lifestyle modifications based on Prakriti and Vikriti .

  • Ayurvedic Herbal supplements protocol to cleanse, rejuvenate and bring back balance in the body .

  • Yoga, Breath work and Meditation Guidance to align with one's own Nature (Prakriti), to bring Peace and Harmony in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

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