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I like the Keshya Rosemary Amla for all the nourishing ingredients. Regular use of this oil has made my hair look shiny and healthy. It’s non greasy, great smelling and a good product, which I highly recommend to anyone.

— Smrutha

I must say that it thoroughly moisturizes your skin. I have dry skin and this moisturizer gives my skin much needed hydration. My kids who are 14 and 10 years old also use it. It’s totally natural and 100% safe. Highly recommend it.

— Anupama

I have been having cracked heels during the Fall and Winter. It was quite painful for me to walk. I tried several creams and medications to cure my cracked foot over the last year without any effect. Paduka foot balm has been a huge relief! Thank you!!

— Anish

This is the best balm to go for , It is a perfect blend of ayurvedic herbs, oils and wax. The fragrance is heavenly. The packaging is intact. I would recommend Prakriti Sattva's balm. It also makes great gifts to family and friends.

— Swathy